Assen TA round 3

Posted on 18 June, 2014 by Web Admin
Another trip over to Holland for the Tracktive team last weekend with Richard Marshall and his stunning Evo 9. After his success a couple of weeks ago at Zanvoort this time we went to Assen a circuit he’d never driven before but the car was performing well and Rich was convenient as always. Race day was on Monday and we got set for first practice. Unfortunately we were only allowed 5mins not the 25mins we were suppose to have due to a red flag but we got a couple of laps in and things seemed good. After another practice session Rich was getting faster and faster but the weather was getting hotter and hotter (35deg) which meant only really a maximum of 2 hot laps before the car started getting warm and performance was compromised.
Rich was the fastest car on track at this point so even though we knew the car could go quicker the team were happy. Qualifying arrived and Rich was going quicker each lap but couldn’t quite get a clean enough lap to drop into the 1.40’s (currently on a 1.50.3).
At the end of qualifying the car seemed to be struggling with a fuelling issue and as we only had half an hour to the final it was a bit of a mad rush to swop tyres round, refuel,cool everything and try and find the issue as well as fix some damage to the flat floor.
He went out for his 1 lap final and we crossed our fingers. Out on track he couldn’t use the boost setting we would of likes due to the fuelling issues but he still got quicker again with a 1.50.1. This was good enough for 2nd with the New SVA Evo taking the top step this time.
Overall the team were very happy with getting some much needed points and extending the lead in the championship and hopefully with some more track time and our return to Assen in October we’ll be comfortable in the 1.40’s! Well done Rich!
Assen Pic