The old enigma, Brain Vs. Brawn …

It matters not if you have the greatest engine in the world. If you don’t have the right ‘brain’ ensuring its optimum output, you’re wasting more than just money.

Our ECU portfolio caters for every level of client. Whether your Grand Prix is Monaco … or the next set of traffic lights, we can fit and tailor a bespoke solution that suits your requirements…and budget! Many forget that ECU choice is only a small part of the equation. Set up and mapping will make or break an installation, and have a serious outcome on the final results.

For road and light competition use, our range of enhancements for your factory ECU may be the way to go. Careful re profiling of the factory parameters to keep things swift, but safe.

For the ultimate in control look to our bespoke ECU range, with World Class products from Hydra & Cosworth Electronics (Pectel), giving you a total management solution for high performance engines. Equally at home on track, stage or street.