Remapping is often the most cost effective and simple solution for all but the serious levels of tune for track and competition use. With a remap, the extensive development performed by the manufacturer can be left unaltered and changes only made to the parameters required for performance enhancement. With the development of innovative software that is currently available, tuners have the tools to access and recalibrate the original factory ECU.

EcuTek produce such software tools for the Subaru and Mitsubishi ECU’s which Tracktive use as part of the development of our renowned performance packages. The calibration tool however is only one part of the tuning equation , the main ingredient being knowledge, experience and development.

With appropriate mechanical modifications and a custom Tracktive remap exceptional gains in performance and drivability can be achieved. Even very simple changes, such as the exhaust back box, and a subsequent remap can yield a dramatic improvement over the factory calibration. (with the right mechanical package gains of over 90% in Power & Torque have been achieved on a Subaru !!)

At Tracktive all our customer cars are mapped individually using independent measuring equipment and all the calibrations are based on years of experience and extensive Dyno development time. With this level of care you can be sure that you will get not only the optimum performance but also the reliability and safety for everyday use.

The only limitation with retaining the Factory ECU is that the standard sensor installation must remain unaltered but for the majority of customer needs this gives a sufficiently large tuning envelope. However if you plans include major mechanical alterations then you may need to consider a replacement ECU.