… the Tracktive Solution! Complete Motorsport / Fast Road Applications

Whilst you may know us from our more high profile show and media work, don’t forget we cut our teeth in the pits, wind tunnels and service areas of top level motorsport. Probably for a little longer than we’d care to remember! True, this gives us a unique perspective for our road car work, but better still means we are perfectly placed to provide advice or support for your team.

Throughout the course of the last twelve months, Tracktive has been at the forefront of putting some serious race cars on the scene, utilising our comprehensive 20+ years experience in developing the finest vehicles the motorsport industry has ever seen. From Rally / Race-car prep and fabrication, concept and prototype development through testingĀ  and on-event support. Let the grey hairs we accumulated over the years save a few for you!

Whether your motorsport aspirations are for the next Le Mans winner, WRC or track day we can provided all the solutions you need to get you there.

Here are some of the key services available from Tracktive:

  • In-house Rototest Chassis Dynamometer
  • Aerodynamic Design / Development
  • Suspension Development / Set-up
  • Engine Builds / Development
  • Transmission Systems
  • Vehicle Preparation / Re-prep.
  • Component rebuilds
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • New Car Builds
  • On Event Support
  • Technical advice / support
  • Test & Development Programmes