2010 was another jam packed year for Tracktive and Robin Duxburys ‘Redbrick racing’ Cyber Evo. After its Time Attack Club Pro 2nd place finish it was stripped back to a bare shell and transformed into a totally different beast. With its eye catching new white and orange paint scheme and engine and gearbox upgrades along with a host of other modifications it was ready to do battle again.

Along with Robin, his wife Suzanne Duxbury got the racing bug and decided to give the Time Attack challenge series a go with her freshly build Ex Matt Neal BTCC Civic. Tracktive received the car as a shell and a few cardboard boxes of parts and we went about turning this ex racing wining car into a driveable, reliable, fast car that would allow Suzanne to have as much fun as her husband in the Club 2wd class of the championship.

Both cars did very well in there given classes and as both cars where basically new to the drivers with Robins undergoing so much change it was like a new car. Robin TA-Assen4civics - tracktive in piecesPicture above of Robin with his winning trophy and the start of the build of Suzanne ex BTCC Civic