Hel Performance & Tracktive

2013 saw the start of a great partnership between ourselves and Hel performance. We have been using Hel performance brake lines for a number of years and always loved there quality and durability so when Ben (Mr automotive Hel Performance) approached us to run his race spec S2000 we jumped at it. Ben had hired his long term friend Charlie Butler Henderson to pilot the Honda. With the team assembled we set about changing some areas of the car we thought needed improving and went off to Cadwell for the first round of the Time Attack Challenge.

After Charlie got to grips with the car as it was his first time driving it and we made some slight changes to the set up the team were delighted to put it on the top step of the podium!! Great first outing.

Croft was the next round and again the car went well and after a slight disagreement with the tyre wall the car was patched up and a well deserved 2nd place was taken.

The third round was held at Snetterton and as the car and driver were gaining speed in the practice laps and things were looking promising the engine let go causing a fire as the oil hot splashed on the exhaust. This put us out with a DNF but as you are aloud to drop a round in the series sprits were still high and we took the car back to the workshop to get fix ready for the next round at Oulton Park

Oulton was another exciting day and after all the hard work ourselves and the team put in after the fire it was great to see the car finish on the top step once again!

Silverstone was next and with mixed weather conditions it was very hard for all the drivers. Early in the final Charlie managed to put a time in that was quickest in our group but as the track dried and with the S2000 snapping a bolt in the injector rail and causing another fire we were out and our early time only ended up being good enough for 3rd.

The car was getting a lot of attention throughout the season due its great results and stunning looks and an offer to buy it was received at the Silverstone event. With the car potentially sold Ben (Hel Performance) decided against doing the last round at Brands Hatch. With the dropped round at Snetterton and the car missing the last round the team took 3rd overall which everyone was pleased with for a 1st season racing.

Hopefully 2014 brings us more racing with the Hel Performance team and more wins!!

Oulton loading   Concorde Racing & Tracktive

2013 also saw Tracktive go to Sicily with the Concorde Racing team. Concorde had decided to compete in the Sicilian Time Attack series being held at the Racalmuto race track with there Mitsubishi Evo and asked if us guys at Tracktive could run the car for them. Obviously we jumped at the chance as we knew the car was very capable (we originally built the car in 2010) and with Nicky the Concorde race driver we all felt we had a great chance and winning the championship as well as enjoying some of the delicious food out in Sicily :).

The team became a great partnership and with Nicky behind the wheel and just keeping the car in top form the first round saw the Lap record beaten at the circuit and the first event dominated.

The following rounds where pretty much the same story with Nicky getting used to the car more and more and small changes we where making our current lap record was being beaten each time we went out and more overall wins for the team much to everyone’s delight!

With the car and driver going so well the decision was made to make the journey to Cyprus for the one off European Time Attack race being held at Achna speedway. We had 4 days to find our feet and let us and Nicky to learn the track and see how we needed to set the car up to maximise it potential. By day 4 the current lap record of 1.06 was broken and we’d manage to put in a time of 1.05 but this was only in practise and we’d have to do it again when it counted. Due to rumours that some seriously quick cars would be turning up we carried on making fine adjustments and trying are best so we could break into the 1.04’s.

The Final came and although no one had gone quicker other teams where getting dangerously close and with Nicky feeling good and the car running well it all came together and Nicky comfortably broke into the 1.04’s, a time that no one else could match and the crown of European Champions was ours!!

European Time Attack prize giving

After missing one round due to the European Championship it was back to Sicily to carry on racing for the Sicilian Championship.

With Nicky managing to beat his current lap record again at Racalmuto Sicily the championship was sawn up with one round remaining and the partnership of Tracktive Solutions and Concorde Racing still undefeated with every race the team have entered being won.

With big plans for 2014 I’m sure there will be plenty of news in the new year to come from this great partnership!