Cosworth Electronics (Pectel) Omega Dash Display

Omega D1

The Omega dash is one of a range of Pi Research dashes that are designed to replace the normal set of analogue instruments in a race car. The Omega dash has an LCD that can be used to display channel values from on-vehicle sensors, supported Engine Control Units (ECUs), and Pi Delta or Pi Sigma systems.

When used as part of a Pi Delta or Sigma system, the Omega dash can be used with a number of Satellite modules. The Omega dash contains circuitry to drive and power up to eight Satellite modules connected together in a ‘daisy chain’. The Satellite module range consists of an Alarm module, a Gear/shift light module, a 5 digit 7-segment LED Numeric display module and a 5 digit 7–segment LCD Numeric display module. A dual colour blue/red LED back-light is fitted to the Omega dash. This illuminates the Omega dash display, and improves contrast in low light conditions.