Hydra Nemesis EMS

The Hydra Nemesis combines the power and flexibility required by modern day vehicles whilst adding advanced functions such as Closed Loop Knock Control, Auto tune (Wide band Option required), Antilag and Launch control all in a single affordable package.

The Hydra ECU offers many advanced functions not seen on other ECU’s in this category, some of the key features are listed below:

  • 8 Sequential Injector (High Current) and Ignition Outputs
  • 32 x 32 High resolution Fuel and Ignition tables
  • Switchable Fuel and Ignition tables (32 x 32)
  • 16 User Definable PWM Auxiliary Outputs
  • Internal 3 bar Map Sensor (5 Bar Optional)
  • Dual Knock Sensor inputs for closed loop control
  • Dedicated NTK Wide band Lambda input
  • Dual Closed Loop Narrow band Lambda control
  • 9 Auxiliary inputs
  • Variable Camshaft Control (up to 4 Cams)
  • Drive By Wire Throttle (additional cost option)
  • Antilag
  • Launch Control
  • Dedicated outputs for standard Vehicle Instruments
  • Plug and Play applications for most Japanese vehicles

With all these features and many more the Hydra Nemesis is one ECU option you can’t afford to ignore.