Performance Engine Packages for the Subaru Impreza

The majority of these packages are upgradeable to higher levels for those of us who prefer to modify our cars in stages.

+Gold Package factory performance to low 300's (BHP)
This package will move your 01> STI from 265bhp to the low – mid 300’s (BHP) and a similar level of torque. The Package consists of the following: Uprated fuel pump, uprated panel filter, full high flow catted exhaust system and the ECU remapped using the latest Ecutek software.

+Diamond Package ≈ 350 BHP
The 2nd level of modification will move you on to around the 350bhp mark, again with a similar level of torque. At this point your car will still maintain itself as a pleasurable daily driver, with a more than enough power to turn the head of any passers by. This is with the following equipment: Uprated fuel pump, uprated panel filter, full high flow catted exhaust system including uprated exhaust manifold headers and remapping the factory ECU using ECUTEK software.

For those whose car is more of a track weapon, than a street racer, the platinum performance package will bring the smiles and applause on. Taking the standard STI up to a whopping 400bhp this kit is not for the faint hearted!
Please contact us for more details on the specification and prices.

Customer Testimonial: Subaru MY05 – Diamond Pack

You asked when I collected the Subaru from you on Saturday to let you have an update after a few days – can only say it is totally amazing! The torque and the way it pulls from lower down the rev range has made a huge improvement. To me, the exhaust note is perfect. The upgrade is everything I hoped for and more – can only say a massive thank you.

Customer Testimonial: Subaru MY04 – Platinum

Being a track day fanatic, I asked Tracktive to carefully upgrade key components on my Spec-C. Replacing the standard & ECU turbo with a Garret standard position turbo and Hydra ECU has vastly improved the cars performance. From 4000RPM the boost comes in hard and strong all the way to the redline! To protect the engine a baffled sump was fitted to help protect the engine from oil surge after the suspension and geometry were changed. Overall I’m blown away by the difference these modifications have made!